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Connect With Us

Building Healthy and Financially Strong Communities

To learn more about our organization, get in touch with us today.

Connect With Us

Educating People for a Better Future. Bringing unity to our communities.

At BHNI, we believe that proper nutrition and financial literacy is a good combination in having sustainable and independent communities. To teach and promote health and wellness and financial skills  we work with Black and Hispanic churches and conduct webinars on a variety of relevant topics. To learn more about our organization, get in touch with us today.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Black and Hispanic Nutrition Initiative is a community outreach program in collaboration with Health Advocates and Healthcare professionals. Richardson Consulting Group LLC has developed a platform to address the increasing level of disease in the Black and Hispanic communities. It also addresses the need of Financial Literacy in the Black and Hispanic communities.

Our focus is on the black and Hispanic communities although we serve people of all colors and ethnicities.  Our team of professionals represents the strong fabric of America.  We are here to serve all people in all communities throughout the world.

This outreach program was established to bring awareness, education and mentorship solutions to serve the Black and Hispanic communities.

This initiative features some of the nation’s best Physicians, Nutritionist, Health coaches, Business mentors and Financial professionals.

Disparities in health and disease between various segments of the population, such as racial and ethnic groups, have increasingly become a major focus of public health research, practice, and policy. (Satia, 2009)

Diet is a key contributor to disparities in many chronic diseases and conditions. Therefore, in order to address and ultimately eliminate health disparities, it is important to understand how various factors, including diet and nutrition, contribute to these disparities. (Satia, 2009)

Cardiovascular Disease—The #1 killer of African Americans. Diabetes—3.2 million African Americans have diabetes, yet more than 33% do not know it. Vitamin D Deficiency—Low Vitamin D has been associated with several types of cancer as well as certain autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus.

Hispanics or Latinos are the largest racial/ethnic minority population in the US. Heart disease and cancer in Hispanics are the two leading causes of death, accounting for about 2 of 5 deaths.

Unfortunately, minorities such as the Black and the Hispanic communities are at higher risk of developing diseases such as, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure and heart disease. These diseases which in the past have been reserved for adults are now being contracted by children.

Bringing awareness to poor eating habits and which foods to avoid in addition to increasing the awareness of which foods will provide the proper nutrition is a preventive measure to decrease the levels of sickness and disease. Implementing educational workshops and also providing literature will serve an important role. The participation of the church leaders will play a significant role as well.

Mentorship is being provided by successful and qualified business owners that will teach entrepreneurship and assist in starting your

own small business.

Key Components:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Agriculture
  • Financial Literacy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Mental Illness
  • Sleep
  • Bullying/Shaming
  • Spirituality

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Connect With Us

Our Team

Executive Director,

Troy Richardson

RCG Consulting LLC

Health Advocate, Licensed Financial Professional

Health Leadership

Dr. William Sears

Board Certified Pediatrician

Founder of Sears Wellness Institute

Executive Health Advisor

Dr. Victor Payton

🙏In Loving Memory 🙏

Board Certified Pediatrician

The Temple Doctor 

Lisa Michelle


 Health Coach

Aging Well Specialist

Henry Lee

Health Advocate

Wellness Educator

Sychoya Castex

Mentor/Life Coach            Conscious Sisterhood

Ana Guataipu

Certified Health Coach
Holistic Nutritionist

Tara L Townes

CEO of Bullying Buddy

Dr. Annie Myers

Mental Health Counselor 

Minister Barbara Powell 

Licensed Social Worker

FInancial Leadership

Kim Scouller

Executive Financial Advisor 

CEO OnlyBlueSkies

Lawyer, Financial Advisor

Felicia Bell

Financial Professional

Gustavo Tode

Financial Professional

Phyllis Shallman

Financial Professional

Pastor Ollie Gray lll  Athletic Mentor/Coach

Louis Morris

Spiritual Relationships Coach

Virginia Battles

Award Winning Domestic Violence Advocate

Pastor Ollie Gray III

Dr. Sarita L. Graham

Sarita Lynne Ministries

CEO / President

Dr. Vandy Kenedy

Bishop - Walker Mill BC

President DMV Chapter

American Clergy Leadership Conference

Pastor Amethyst Whitsey

Mt Calvary Baptist, Birmingham Alabama

Pastor Gail Brown-Johnson

God's Power Source Network

Ebenezer BC Washington, DC

Elder Gwendolyn Gantt

St. Stephen Baptist Church

Temple Hills, MD

Rev Gissela Varinia Espinosa, St Mark's Lutheran Church, Springfield VA

Pastor Johnnie 'JB' Magee

First Baptist Church

Vacherie LA

Sister Lolita Turner

Christian EdUcator

Community Outreach 


Min. Fredia J. Tatum

United Methodist Church

Washington  DC

Organization Structure

Executive Team

Executive Director Troy Richardson

Executive Advisor - Health, Dr. Bill Sears

Executive Advisor - Financial literacy, Kim Scouller

BHNI in partnership with Walker Mill Development Corporation (501c3)

Our Programs