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The next generation of entrepreneurs will look to first create their own company, products, services, and vision instead of opting for attaining jobs out of college with large firms or companies. The spirit and evolution of the entrepreneur is alive and well.

Having control in your life is important.  Having control of your financial future is becoming more important than ever.

People are becoming business owners and entrepreneurs at a high rate.  For some it is additional income streams and for some it is their dream and vision and the primary source of income.

It is also a great path for those who have been incarcerated and re-entering Society.  Fact is we all deserve a second chance but you rarely get that second chance as it is often denied when it comes to employment.

The BHNI program will fill the void and make sure that anyone who wants to own their own business will have that opportunity.  Our health professionals and our financial professionals are all successful business owners and entrepreneurs and are ready to mentor and guide you in your journey.

Ecclesiastes 11:2 states that we all should have mulUtiple streams of income with at minimal 7 and possibly 8.

Contact us today and let us know which path you are interested in to begin your journey.  Our team will help facilitate the transition from prison to possibilities.  In some cases we will sponsor you to begin business ownership at no cost.